Experience the multiple disciplines MBJ Innovations Provides within  Wellness coaching

Ever feel like you can produce more then what you’re processing? Have you ever wondered how to have a balanced life?

Here is a golden opportunity to have a wellness coach help you along the way.

Learn how to:

    Defeat procrastination
    Break unproductive habits
    Set and achieve big goals
    Effectively communicate with anyone
    Challenge the status quo
    Build the life you've always wanted

    Develop personal and professional courage for any situation.
    Develop tools to help discover  gifts, talents and strengths.

Coaching schedule will consist of a once a week session for one hour at the rate of $40. If signed up for a month session, the fifth week in any month is free!
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MBJ Innovations also accesses a wide range of expertise and opportunities to become successful in every aspect of your life. Please explore some of

theses options!

Our experts are skilled with a variety of strategies to ensure positive influences.

"Accessing a new level of  Your success"


Find out how to give your body the fuel it needs start the path to success.

Prepare like a pro with an in-depth training system that will propel you to the next level.

We evaluate your fitness goals and install constructive routines and plans to improve your life.