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  • Conflict Management-- Individual
  •  Managing Group Conflict
  •  Non-Positional Leadership--Leading from the Middle
  •  Building Community in your Organizations
  •  Building Trust in Groups
  •  Communicating your Vision
  •  Creating a Shared Vision in your Group
  •  Transitioning Leadership
  •  Best Practices of Leadership--The Leadership Challenge
  •  Keeping Employees Motivated
  •  Working together: Increase involvement and develop stronger connections
  •  Communication and Team building: What a team means and how communication plays a part
  •  Delegation--Utilizing Others' Strengths
  • Building Consensus
  • The Leaders Tool-kit: Integrity, Empathy, Genuineness & Humility
  • Effective Listening Strategies
  • Youth Issues
  • Optimal Winning
  •  Generating Innovative Ideas
  •  Individual Accountability
  •  Holding your Group Accountable
  •  Ethics
  •  Practicing Personal Wellness
  •  Authentic Leadership
  •  Goal-Setting
  •  Fighting Negativity (Individual and Group)
  •  Dealing with Difficult Members
  •  Leadership Effectiveness: How to navigate tricky co-workers
  •  Assessing Your Organization
  •  Productivity for Meetings
  •  Leading Change
  •  Basic Professionalism
  •  Stepping Into your Greatness
  •  Motivation 101
  •  Classroom Management and Effectiveness
  •  Mental preparation
  •  Understanding and Valuing Others

Motivational Speaking

Need a Motivational Speaker?

MBJ Innovations wants to bring you a world where audiences don’t just sit through another keynote, but sit on the edge of their seats. A world where what they learn gets used right away, gets passed on to others, and gets results.  A world where everyone leaves more connected to one another, more alive and having more fun. MBJ Innovations provides some of the best prepared motivational speakers available. The speaker works closely with meeting planners to understand the message that needs conveyed and then sculpts his message to the targeted audience. Audiences love Mark’s use of humor to open their minds, encourage laughter and facilitate meaningful change.


Speaking Categories and Topics We can plan individualized sessions for your group or present a tried-and-true program. We need about a three weeks worth of notice for planning purposes. Listed below are over 40 leadership opportunities: