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The concepts and dimensions of diversity are to be advanced and incorporated into every aspect of an individual’s life, including community, social trends, education, educational programs, workforce, staffing, personnel training and other areas of your day to day interactions?

Dimensions of diversity shall include, but are not limited to, the following: race, ethnicity, religious belief’s, sexual orientation, sex/gender, gender identity, disability, socioeconomic status, cultural orientation, national origin, and age.

Do you know how to effectively be inclusive? Are you curious about others, and don't know how to fulfill your curiosity?  Or do you offend people when you do not know how to sustain or start a conversation?

Don't function in the dark ages, learn practical components that will help you or your organization be successful. Schedule your session today!

Package 1

Price Range $375-575
Package consist of a 1 hour presentation on Cultural Competency, Q and A period to follow

Package 2

Price Range $800-1000
Package consist of a 3 hour workshop with engaging dialogue and training module, Q and A period to follow

Package 3

Price Range- $3000-6000
Package consist of a one day workshop that includes all packages with an all inclusive success module that will provide a day to day improvement guide.

Topics include, but are not limited to

  •     Cross Cultural Communication                                                 
  •     Gender Difference
  •     Understanding Unconscious Bias
  •     Effective Communication Training
  •     Understanding Poverty & Wealth
  •     Respect in the Work Place
  •     Race in the 21st Century
  •     Inclusion, What "Lies" Beneath
  •     How to Facilitate Diverse Dialogue
  •     Diversity - Why is it critical to your organization
  •     Diversity - A Focus on ethnic and cultural awareness
  •     Conflict Resolution Training
  •     Effective Team Building
  •     Defining Masculinity
  •     Community Engagement
  •     Implicit Bias
  •     Creating Safe and Inclusive Environments
  •     Race Talks
  •     Dealing with Micro-aggressions

*All Prices are fully negotiable, pending the details of the customer needs.

Please completely fill out form below and select the package that looks right for you or your company. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Cultural Competency Sensitivity Training